Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Belfast plans, revisited

Ok, so the gag order's officially been lifted, and I'm allowed to tell you that I've got an interview in two weeks with the principal of an integrated college (jr high/high school) in Belfast. I've been accepted 'in principle,' but they want to meet me and talk about what exactly I want to do.

So first: YAY! Squee squee squee squeeeee!

Second: What I want to do. They apparantly don't just want an office monkey or a teacher's aide-- they want someone with a project of some kind, or something specific they can bring to the school.

Uh, yeah. I've got two weeks to come up with something.

The two ideas I've got right now:

1. Writing. I don't suck at it (usually). I could be a 'writing lab' to help students with papers and whatnot, and assist in English class with grammar lessons and etc.

2. Conflict Resolution. I've been doing it since seventh grade. I've sat through about a dozen different diversity workshops and more conflict and negotiation classes than I care to count. If my program director's right and they really do want someone to teach something, I could put together conflict resolution/negotiation workshops. Topics could include peer mediation, 'fair fighting,' and how to develop constructive, persuasive cases in conflicts with parents/authority figures. I might be able to combine this with a bit of 'diversity workshoping' for an all-around PAGS-R-Us.

This would be really intense, though, and I somehow doubt they really intend to have me actually teaching in that official a capacity. Another idea if they're looking for something less formal is for me to be present as a conflict resolution resource-- doing mediations as part of the counselor's office or something; maybe leading a single fair fighting workshop at some point.

So yes. I have to work out a formal plan. Everyone cross your fingers that I don't screw up and make them hate me.


Samara said...

I have faith in you, deary. And you'll have an amazing time in Belfast. Personally, I think I liked Londonderry more as far as the city was, but perhaps Belfast will fit your tastes. XOXO Miss you. We've only had one HM meeting since you've left. We miss you bunches. Love!

Cybez said...

The other day I noticed the Information Bulletin from The Community Relations Council

One of the workshops they'd advertised was entitled
'Telling Our Truth": an introduction to the power of storytelling to create positive social change.'
This workshop should be of interest to anyone who works in the field of community development, community relations or victims and survivors work.
I hope to see more workshops etc that help people here in Northern Ireland deal with and try and get over the past and move forward.I'm sure a good place to start could be in schools.
Good luck! :-)