Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Interview

So I went down to Belfast today for my interview with the headmaster at the integrated school*. Everything went very well, and I'm glad to report that I do in fact have the internship. The school itself is quite lovely as well. I'm sure I'll get on well there. There happened to be a student doing his GCSE in home economics today-- which means he had to cook a complete meal. I got to taste it because I was walking around with the headmaster, and let me tell you, this kid was good. Excellent onion-basil gaspacho, and an absolutely fantastic desert thing that consisted of fruit, chocolate, maple syrup (imported from home sweet home, apparantly), and vanilla yogurt. Oh my heavens, the yum.

Belfast itself was pretty awesome, for what I saw of it. I spent quite a while wandering around near the bus station and city hall. It reminded me of an odd cross between Cleveland and Baltimore, with the aesthetic of the former and the 'lived-in' feeling of the latter. I'm really hoping that the diner I ate at was a fluke, though, because the food was pretty freakin' aweful. I ordered a tomato-cheese sandwich, and they made it with what had to be kraft singles. Yeuch.

I'm definetely going to enjoy living in Belfast, though. It's my kind of wretched hive of scum and villany (wait, Richmond's the scum and villany. Belfast is... I don't know, Corellia? They build ships on Corellia, right?).

Anyway. Best wishes to all. With any luck, there's a computer waiting for me at home.

*I'm intentionally declining to name it. While I'm generally pretty fast and loose with my own identity on the internet, I don't want to pose a security risk to the school or its students.


Jediowl said...

Are Kraft singles those yellow plastic squares/triangles? You will see them in quite a few places I'm afraid. Where were you eating?

Jediowl said...

...because 'diner' doesn't convey to me anything you would find in Belfast. We have restaurants, caf├ęs and fast food places.

Jediowl said...

Oh, and btw, intern means something different over here (think Long Kesh). You're a placement student on a placement :)

Annalee said...

I believe it was a cafe-- a couple blocks from City Hall, which tells you nothing. Sorry, I've forgotten the name.

And yes, placement, not internship. I keep forgetting that one (pants has proved troublesome as well).

Also, kraft singles are indeed those vaguely cheese-flavored plastic squares/triangles. In the states, they aren't allowed to refer to themselves as 'cheese' on their packaging, because well, they're not really cheese.